Rummy Roots & More Roots

Rummy Roots™ & More Roots™
Vocabulary Building Card Games

Rummy Roots™ & More Roots™ were created to increase English vocabulary in a fun and stress-free way.  All learning styles have been incorporated into both ROOTS games, so that TEACHER or PARENTS of STANDARD, GIFTED or LDS children alike may open and increase the long term memory of their students.  Our goal is to develop a love of language and learning for all students!

Why Learn Greek and Latin Roots?

Greek and Latin roots, when combined together, form many of our English words.  Knowing these root meanings adds a deeper level of comprehension and helps increase S.A.T. scores.

Why Dictionary Competency Skills?

Most children find Dictionaries very frustrating and drill practice too boring. We have included dictionary skills in each game level to alleviate these problems.  Alphabetizing skills and Dictionary Guide Words are reinforced by scanning the Word List and looking under “Headings”.  Kids  (and Adults!) actually enjoy looking up words in either the “Rummy Roots” and “More Roots” Dictionaries to “Stump” their opponents!  Dictionaries need no longer be a place where no one wants to go, but rather a fun-filled place with interesting facts to find.

How Do You Play The Rummy Roots & More Roots Games?

There are 4 different card games in one deck. Each game (or level) is designed to be fun and stress-free for children and adults alike!

Pre-Roots is played like “GO FISH”.  It teaches the English meanings to the 42 Greek and Latin roots included in Rummy Roots and More Roots.   We have chosen the most familiar roots to give confidence to even the youngest of players.  (Example: Micro, Phone, etc.)  Alphabetizing skills are practiced in this game.

Level 1 is played by combining two Greek or Latin root cards together to form  English words. (Example: Auto + Graph = Autograph)  Players become familiar with Dictionary Guide Words in the Roots Word Lists and are introduced to the vocabulary words used in 1, 2 and 3.

Level 2 continues combining roots together to form English words.  The Stump Card is used to the “Roots Dictionaries”.  In this level players learn the definitions of 2 root combinations included in Rummy Roots and More Roots.

Level 3 is played similar to “Rummy”. Players now include 3 root card combinations from the Roots and More Roots Dictionaries.  (Example:  Auto + Bios + Graph = To stretch Players from familiar words to those of higher difficulty, players at this level may “steal” cards from opponents whenever possible and receive Double points!

Are You Rummy Yet???

We sincerely hope not!!!  However, if you have any Questions, call Eternal Hearts 509-738-7311!

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