Rummy Roots and More Roots
Teacher Testimonials

I purchased a class set of “Rummy Roots” and a class set of “More Roots” for my district’s Gifted Program Resource Library. It has been so popular with teachers and students alike that I need to buy another set to meet circulation demands. I like the fact that the students’ vocabulary, reading comprehension, and spelling skills are enhanced almost effortlessly. The students enjoy the game aspect, while the teachers appreciate that the games are self correcting and that the knowledge of Greek and Latin roots will help their students academically succeed by giving them a strong understanding of the English language. I enthusiastically endorse the “Rummy Roots” line of products. In fact, as a presenter, I bring them to teacher training workshops to show teachers how to incorporate more activity based learning activities into their curriculum.

– Rosa Young,
Coordinator of the Program for the Academically Talented

In my search for ways to challenge high school talented and gifted students, “Rummy Roots” proved to be one of those rare classroom purchases which doesn’t become obsolete after several uses. In a cross-graded interdisciplinary course such as mine, students are often part of my program from grades 9 – 12. Rummy Roots brings life and fun to SAT Verbal Test preparation. Although I mainly use the beginning level for basic vocabulary building, the ability for students to move immediately to another set of words without disrupting the rest of the class makes challenging my students much easier to accomplish. The game is fun for my foreign exchange students and students in England loved it last summer! Latin and Greek have never been so much fun.

– Nancy Cartwright,
Vice President WAETAG (Washington Association for Educators of Talented and Gifted) Honors Humanities English/Fine Arts Department Chair at West Valley High School in Spokane, Washington

These games are an excellent, easy way to build vocabulary as well as students understanding of morphographic patterns within words. The latter is an important consideration for is an important consideration for any spelling curriculum. According to the Hanna, Hanna & Rogers study (1962) sine 13% of English words are morphographically consistent. Obviously, having a concrete understanding of these patterns improves spelling. I highly recommend the games both in my book and during seminars which I conduct for teachers and home schoolers.

What’s more the games are fun, so students want to use them. I have sold the games (mainly to home schoolers) for the last several years. They sell well and I always receive positive comments from families who purchase them. Kids love ’em. My own daughter benefited from the games and still enjoys a round every so often (she’s in college).

I hope that you will consider adding Rummy Roots and More Roots to your catalog.

– Beverly L. Adams-Gordon, M.Ed.
Author of Spelling Power

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